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How Abhayanga (Self-Massage) helped meĀ  with Anxiety and Depression? Why is it a part of my daily/weekly routine?

Our modern day life style is difficult. Stressful work, extensive traveling in traffic to and fro, bad eating habits, lack of physical activity and sleep, Spending long hours on social media, etc. All of this takes a toll on us and reflects in the form of stiffness, brain fog, anxiety and depression and diseases.

I often had those gloomy days where I did not want to do anything but just lie down. There were days when I was extremely stiff with aches in various parts of my body. I felt lazy, sick and sleepless. I was extremely anxious at times and at times depressed. In my quest for trying various things that can relax my body, mind and spirit I got to know about Self Massage (Abhayanga)

I must say this was one of the best things I came across. It is one of the best way to calm down the anxiety introduced by our modern day life style. It’s a way of expressing love for yourself – Your body, mind and Spirit.
Here’s how it’s done:

  • Select the oil of your choice and heat it luke warm.
  • Start with the head massage with your finger in circular motion slowly moving backwards. With the tip of your finger lightly press the points behind your skull above the neck.
  • Now using the the same oil start massaging your body starting at your feet slowly moving upwards using large strokes.
  • Make sure to go in circular motion near the joints
  • Once the whole body is covered you can let the oil stay for sometime and then wash it off.
  • If you don’t have time or don’t want to use oil that’s also fine. Just make sure you use gentle strokes to avoid hurting your skin.
  • It would be great if you can spend about 30 mins but even 5-10 mins go a long way.
  • If you cannot incorporate it daily make sure you at least do it 1-2 times a week.

Below are some fabulous benefits I experienced myself:

  • Instantly lifted my mood.
  • Raised my body temperature by increasing the blood flow.
  • Relaxed my mind and body there by helping me relieve from anxiety, low feelings and helped me ground myself.
  • Reduced stiffness in every part of my body there by making my muscles limber. Thus helped reduce pain and prevent injury.
  • Helped me sleep better and faster.
  • Improved my skin complexion and texture.
  • Helped stimulating my organs and lymphatic system for them to perform better.
  • Helped remove toxins from the skin

There are a lot more benefits. The biggest benefit I got was getting relief from my anxiety and depression. It instantly made me feel good

I want you to try it and experience all the benefits your self. All you need to do it include this in your daily if not weekly routine

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Want to know what happened to the guy or girl you bullied in school? Then Read Along.

If you have come to this article chances are you bullied someone in you school or early life. It must have been a thrill to bully or harass someone for their shortcomings, for how they look, for the clothes they wear, for their sexual orientation or the colour of their skin. Perhaps you might have done it just to look cool in your group. After all who doesn’t want to be the cool guy or girl.

It may have given you pleasure it may have made you feel strong, powerful, invincible. But did you stop and think what could your bullying be doing to the guy or girl whose getting bullied? Didyou think about the psychological effects it has on them?

If you had paid attention you would have understood that your bullying could have devastating effect on someone. This becomes bigger concern when parents and teacher don’t help them when they try to confide in.

Following are he effects that bullying has on them:

  • They end up feeling not good enough and begin to deal with low self esteem.
  • They begin to get anxiety issues and depression.
  • They begin to isolate themselves.
  • Their mind goes into a constant recall mode and affect their sleep pattern.
  • They involve in unhealthy eating habits or even substance abuse
  • A few of them being to harm themselves
  • A few of them don’t even make it to the adulthood as they end up committing suicide.

It doesn’t end there for those who make it to the adulthood

  • They continue to be extremely hard n them selves.
  • They face problems committing to a relationship.
  • They cannot express their feelings which in turn becomes pent up anger and resentment
  • They face difficulty growing at work as they don’t feel they deserve it making them feel like an absolute failure.

So you see, the short term pleasure you had has doomed them for ever. Please understand not everyone is gifted. Very few of them are able to fight back and become confident and successful.
Remember everyone has a story which you may not know of. You may not know if the guy or girls family may be going through a rough patch. Their color, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation is not in their hands.

So before you bully someone pause and try to know his or her story. You’ll regret to even have thought about bullying him or her. Also if you bullied someone, please try and contact them and apologise. It will have a huge positive impact on them.

An advice for parents and teachers: Please talk to your children regularly and check if they are being bullied. Ensure you support them and help them fix the situation.

Let’s stop bullying together.

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Want to know What happens when you write down your feelings ? YOU WILL BE SURPRISED.

Have you had those days when you are pissed or upset for no apparent reason? Nothing significant has happened yet you are grumpy and ready to trigger!

I have had similar days quite a lot of times. And on those days, my mother says I better wear a sign stating “TRIGGER MODE ON. MAINTAIN SAFE DISTANCE.”

It’s funny but true. Because when someone is in that trigger zone, he or she will get easily cranked up and blast at who ever triggered him or her for even the most silly reason.

But do you know why that happens? Well! The reason could be you are not paying that much attention on our selves. When you don’t pay attention to our selves and our feelings, you actually are suppressing them instead of acknowledging. And then when you continue to do that for some time, those emotions and feelings get piled up and begin to trigger you when it reaches the saturation point.

This is where journaling or writing down our feelings can come to your rescue. Simply put you sit down in a quite place and write down everything that you are feeling at that moment. It need not necessarily be on a book. You can also write it down in a notepad in your phone, laptop or tablet. The more detailed it is the better. You can also decide the time when you would sit down and journal at your convenience.

It may be very difficult at first and it may look like you are re-living the trigger but my advice is that you continue writing everything that you are feeling. Slowly a few minutes and a few pages later you’ll see a totally different perspective.

You will soon feel more relaxed and content.

You will get a sense of acceptance to your current situation and state of mind.

You will become more aware of your emotions and how your body and mind is feeling.

It helps you subside your pent up anger and negative thoughts and you’ll look at any situation with a different mindset.

It helps you reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress. Thereby improving your state of mental well being.

It promotes positive thoughts and a feeling of gratitude.

It helps your overall well being by encouraging you to take care of your self by eating good food, exercising and sleeping well.

It makes you more friendly and easy to approach.

The benefits are a ton. It’s just on when and how you start and continue it for a long time. Remember that this journal is for you and you only and be open to pour out every emotion in it.

I wish you good luck and hope you see all the positive benefits.

Happy Journaling.