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Why is it necessary for you to let yourself loose sometimes?

So I was at a club yesterday with a very dear friend who I call Angry Bird . We met to talk over something’s we had been discussing for longtime. My friend has an awesome outgoing personality who genuinely believes living in the moment and enjoying it to the fullest. When he gets on the dance floor his energy is at it’s peak.

I, on the other hand, am a very shy and conscious person. I am very conscious about my self and how others see me. When I go to a club you’ll most of the time see me standing at the side of dance floor watching people dance. Though inside I feel bad standing at the side, I still won’t do anything about it.

This was not the case always. A few years prior I was the same happy go luck personality as my friend. I cared a damn about what others think. I believed in living in present and to the fullest. I wasn’t living a my life to impress others. That was until my anxiety kicked in and since then I have become a lot conscious about myself in public.

So me and my friend were at the club talking about random stuff and old times of how good they where. We were talking about how carefree our lives were and how much we enjoyed that time. It was so nice that I wrote a status on FB “Re-living my Past.” And truly I was because there was one more thing that was about to happen.

The DJ began to play dance music and everyone at the side tables got up and started dancing. My friend also routed to the floor since he loved dancing. I got up as well and was standing near to him watching everyone dance. He constantly asked me to join but there I was standing at the side as always.

It took me sometime, after which, I joined my friend consciously just making light movements. After sometime I don’t know what kicked in but then I was like, F**k it. Let’s dance . I told my self no body cares and even if they do it’s none of your business. I and my friend then danced like crazy. We danced for almost an hour with a lot of goofing around and it was awesome. It was truly liberating for me and I was really happy about it.

My friend was surprised since he always thought I did not know how to dance because he had never seen me dancing before. He told me how happy he was to see me dance like there is no tomorrow. The icing on the cake was when a group of stranger bros came and complemented us saying “You guys danced really well, What an energy?

After so long I let my self loose and it felt so awesome . I am really glad I met my friend yesterday because he seriously made me re-live my old self. I felt relieved and free and literally slept with a smile on my face all night long.

The message I want to put forward with this story time is that it’s ok for you to let loose at times. The kind of stressful lives we live in, it is extremely important that we let it out. So please occasionally liberate your self and do even the most cringey things without being bother about others. I’m sure you will love it after all that’s what life is all about. So live it to the fullest.

Cheers 🤟

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Want to know the science of Expectations and Happiness? READ ALONG

Expectations are pre concieved belief of something to happen a certain way. As a human we all tend to expect. We expect for our life to be a certain way. We expect certain people to behave as per our expectations. Some expectations are reasonable, but a lot of times the expectations are unrealistic.

We have always been told by our elders to expect less or have no expectations at all. Why is it so? Well! They are saying that out of their experience. Because often times what we expect does not really happen. Our lives does not always take the turn we expect it should. Nor do people always do what we expect them to. And when that happens we become upset and depressed. We start being resentful about the situation and people involved.

But is that going to help? Absolutely not. All it’s going to do is hurt you further. Then what can you do to better deal with such situations?

Here’s what you can do:

  • Always make it a point to not expect anything from people or events in your life. When you’ll have no expectations, you won’t feel bad any longer. A quote from Steve Hawkins below aptly describes this.

“My expectations were reduced to zero when I was 21. Everything since then has been a bonus.”

-Stephen Hawking

  • Now let’s imagine there are situation where you do expect something. Make it a point to express the expectations it take action. For example you expect to eat a cake today. So you either need to order it or make it yourself. If you are expecting someone to get cake for you, you need to let them know. Also make sure the other person is happy do do it for you. Unless you do either of the two the cake is not going to magically appear in front of you.

The same case is applicable in every expectations we have. The more we follow this principal in all walks of our life, the more peaceful, happy and content we will be.

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Thanks have a great day.

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DID YOU KNOW: Men feel emotional as well and it is absolutely ok for them to express their feelings.

For centuries we all have been taught that men are supposed to be like a Rock – emotion less and hard. We’ve been thought men are supposed to be strong and expressing emotions are a sign of weakness and often associated it with females.

Have you seen a man crying over an emotional movie scene? Well I’m sure most of us have not. Even in the worst of situations you’ll not see them show any emotion what so ever. The reason is because they have been fed with the above belief. So they hide their feelings and emotions.

A lot of research has proven that Men are way more emotional then women. The feeling are way stronger. But because they hide their feelings it stays in them.

We all know how unexpressed emotions can lead us to mental trauma, depression and other issues. It has also been associated with major health related concerns. This is why you see the rates of suicide in Men is way higher then women. Also the rate of men dying due to heart attack and other life threatening diseases like Cancer is quite high.

But you know what, those days are gone. Please note now it is absolutely ok for Men to feel emotional and express them. It’s not a sign of weakness rather a sigh of a strong personality who is self aware and is able to let out what bothers him.

The more you express your feelings the lighter you’ll feel, the lesser burden you’ll have to carry. You’ll be more happy and content.

Here’s how you can start:

If you are one of those who cannot open to any one, you can start with a journal. Set out a day, sit in a quite room, feel every emotion and write down everything that you feel on a regular basis.

Slowly try and open up to someone close to you who will listen to you without judgement. You can choose a close family member but preferably a close friend since your family may be more susceptible to absorbing your emotions and feel sad them selves.

When you do his regularly, You’ll soon see you’ll be more open to express yourself when needed without hesitation. This is something that will have a huge positive impact on both you physical and mental health.

Have a great day ahead. Don’t forget to express.

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8 Negative Habits that could be killing you.

When things don’t go a certain way we all may have sometime or the other questioned God or the higher power “Why Me?”
But how many of us actually look inside ourselves and check if we could be doing something that’s stopping things to happen the way we desire?
If this resonates with you then read along, as these 8 habits could be killing you and your Happiness.

  1. Being a perfectionist: A lot of us take pride in being a perfectionist. But to be honest being that way does more harm than good. When you are a perfectionist you have high expectations from your self and others, most of which may or may not be achieved and will end up making feel bad when the expectations are not met. So stop expecting everything to be perfect. Start with the best you can and grow or improve from there slowly.
  2. Seeking Others Approval: A lot of times we do things to impress others. A classic example would be dressing in the most uncomfortable clothing only to get external validation through complements. We do this in almost every aspect of our lives. But we don’t need to seek external validation. We need to be comfortable with our decisions. We need to do things that we are happy with. We need to wear clothes that we are comfortable in.
  3. Being Judgemental for Self and Others: A lot of times we are too quick to judge people without knowing the complete story. For example if someone is Fat, it doesn’t necessarily mean he or she just eats and is lazy yo do anything. It may be that the person is going through an emotional trauma or a medical condition which he is unable to control. We do the same yo our selves when we fail to do something we give up saying I just can’t do it. So let’s not judge ourselves or others and focus on what can be done to help.
  4. Having Self-Doubt: Thinking “I am not good enough” has killed more dreams than any thing else. Doubting your self could be the worst thing you can do to yourself. Unless you have confidence in yourself you won’t be able to take steps that are need to move ahead in life. It is important that you believe in your self and be assertive that “You can and you will.”
  5. Trying to control everything: If you ever tried to tightly hold sand in your hand, you must know that the tighter you try to hold it, the more it drips away from the cracks. Trying to control everything also has the same results in life. A bad relationship for example. Try to let loose and let things happen on it’s own
  6. Frequent Complaining: If you complain frequently means you are focusing too much on the negative aspect of any situation. When you complain a lot it does not always give you the solution to your problems. But it definitely off puts the other person making you appear less worthy as you keep complaining. Whenever you feel the urge to complain stop, Breath and Focus on what’s good.
  7. Excessive Worrying: Nothing changes with worry. When we worry too much the only thing that gets affected is our state of well being both physical and mental. So let’s not worry so much and let things happen.
  8. Cetastrophizing the future: We always keep thinking about what may happen in future and avoid living in the present. But about 90% of times what we think does not happen so why waste our precious time and not live the moment in now.

Breaking a negative habit is like quitting to smoke. You don’t need massive actions but small changes done with persistence for a long time. So go ahead and break the chain of negativity and let the positive light in.