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What happens when you don’t take action?

Dreams are a big part of everyone’s life. We all imagine to be somewhere, to be better that today, to be at a better place than we are today. But sadly not all of us End up fulfilling those dreams.

What could be it? What makes those few people different from the rest? Is it that they’ve been gifted with special powers? Well that’s questionable. If there’s one thing that separates them from the rest is that they dream and take actions to fulfill those dreams

There are millions of self help books that can show you how to be successful, but they won’t help unless we take actions necessary for it.

Let’s annalise a hypothetical situation:

Say you work for a multinational corporate which pays you decent enough. But then you are not happy. You are not interested in working in a corporate, having round the clock shifts working to fulfill someone else’s dream, or having a affixed income.

You aspire to become a renauned photographer. You want people look up to you and have your work publishedin major publications and online fanbase. You login to Instagram and there are thousands of photographers posting their best work. You aspire to be popular like them and want to work on your own terms.

But then, you also think you are not good enough. You think that you may fail. And that very thought intimidates you and you avoid taking actions you need to take.

What could happen if you fail?

To be honest the worst thing that could happen is you realize that it’s not working for you. But in the process you may find something else that interests you.

Wouldn’t it be better to have tried and failed then not having done anything about it at all?

You would never know what could happen? unless you do.

You won’t go though the thrill of doing something towards you dream

You would never learn all the lessons in the process

You will never taste success and how it feels to be a renauned photographer who is published on major publications.

You will never get to experience how it feels when people look up to you?

You will continue to doubt your self and stay at the corporate job that you don’t like anyway.

You’ll end up being resentful, hateful and unapproachable. I turn it may affect the corporate job as well.

But that’s all if you don’t take action. Visualize what would happen if you do get successul. Imagine how your life will change? And With that thought in mind take the actions and see how your life changes. In the end you’ll be content that you did something for your dreams.


Good luck.


Having battled low self esteem and depression for sometime, I decided to pen down every thing I learnt in my quest for happiness. This blog is about being you, living to the fullest and staying happy.

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