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How to deal with Downfalls in your Life?


We all have high points in our life where everything just seems to happen at the perfect time in the perfect way. It is these times in life that you feel extremely happy and our lives just seem like a blessing. The most exciting, enjoyable and interesting part of your life like living in La La Land.

But as they say, Life has both good followed by bad and vice versa phases. So while during the high point every thing seems so perfect there are times in life where things don’t work out the way you expected. Things go haywire and your lives seem to be falling apart out of any reason like losing a loved one, problematic work life, financial issues, etc. Sometimes it’s extreme disrupts us so much physically, emotionally and mentally, that our confidence is shattered and we lose sight of what’s next?

We get into our cocoons and don’t  look at the world of possibilities out there waiting for us. But this is the time where we need to be vigilant and help our selves deal with these downfalls. I hope the falling few guidelines help you in your path:

  1. Understand is a Phase:  Our lives are coherent connections of both the good and difficult time. It is crucial to understand that this is just a phase of life and not the end of it. At this time instead of getting shattered by emotions, we should learn from it and take charge to make it better.
  2. Let go and move on: What ever may be the cause of your downfall, it is important that you let it go and you concentrate on the next big thing in your life. Living with what happened in your past is only going to give you emotional turmoils and upset. But when we let it go, we have ample amount of space and time to think with a clear mind set.
  3. Don’t Isolate yourself: When going through the downfall, we are shattered emotionally. The world seems to be against us and we isolate ourselves and stop being in contact with the outside world. This would have more adverse effect on our mental health than making it better. So we need to get out regularly and look for possibilities. Stay connected with near and dear ones.
  4. Get help if needed: At times it is difficult for a few people to deal with the emotional chaos that is running in our mind. How much ever we try,  we tend to fail and begin to fall further in the mess. At such times it is good to seek some help. It can be anyone a close family member, a trusted friend,  or even professional help. It is crucial to ask for help rather than waiting.
  5. Exercise and get Good Sleep: Research shows that Exercise and Good Sleep can help one greatly in dealing with the emotional turmoils during downfalls. Exercise helps in reducing the stress and anxiety and help release the negative energy that gets stored. Sleep helps us rejuvenate and recover making you feel positive and recharged.
  6. Focus on things that matter: During downfalls, we tend to put a lot of our energy to focus on why that happened to us, we constantly play the tape of what happened during that unfortunate moment of downfalls. What rather we should do is focus on what matters to us, focus on more positive stuff, focus on what you can learn from it.
  7. Ignore opinions from Others: Sometimes during these phases, advice or opinions from others can make you feel absolutely worthless and incapable. It is better to avoid such opinions rather than falling prey to it.
  8. Identify What Next? and take necessary Actions:  If you want to come out of a downfall, the sooner you take this step, the better it would be. Staying with downfall for a long time can make it difficult for you to come out of it. So focus on what can you do next and begin to take necessary supporting actions.

While doing all this just ensure you stay positive and hopeful for better things coming and remember this phase shall pass.


Having battled low self esteem and depression for sometime, I decided to pen down every thing I learnt in my quest for happiness. This blog is about being you, living to the fullest and staying happy.

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