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What is End Goal vs Mean Goal Concept?


I read a self-help book recently named Selfienomics by Revant Himatsingka. It is an interesting book and I definitely recommend you check it out. This book, as Revant says, is “a seriously funny guide to living the good life” where has presented practical, sensible and hilarious advice on making your life better in every aspect. (#Not a Paid Promotion)

Of all the wonderful topics covered in the book one of the topics which grabbed my attention would be the End Goals Vs Mean Goals concept. A concept not known to many but if understood and applied correctly, it can improve your life drastically. So what is this End Goal Vs Mean Goal? Let’s have a look:

Goals play a very important role in bringing a purpose in our life. Goals help you focus, Keeps you non distracted and locked in, help you overcome procrastination, allows you to measure progress and stay motivated. Goals help you believe in yourself. A lot of us believe in goals and regularly set goals for ourselves. But one common mistake we often make is to confuse between the End Goals and Mean Goals. But in reality, there is a major difference between them.

End Goals are the desired outcomes, something we do not want to compromise on. They are the ultimate goal and not the stepping stones to anything greater. End goals define the scope of your life and provide a sense of direction.

Mean Goals, on the other hand, can be the path that you take to reach your end goals. They can be the small goals which ultimately result in achieving your ultimate goal i.e. End Goals. Mean goals are more specific goals that serve the stops you wish to take.

Confusing your End goals with Mean goals can lead to a lot of discontent and frustration when we fail to meet these goals. It often happens because we think our mean goals are what matters to us the most. End goals often are associated with being something, doing something or living a certain life. Mean goals, on the other hand, are more specific like taking steps towards reaching that goal. You may have a lot of mean goals but very few end goals. There can be more than one mean goal to reach one end goal

When you imagine the end of your life, what is that one thing you imagine people would remember you for?

Those are your ultimate goals, your End goals. Your mean goals would be taking the steps that would lead to the life that you desire people should remember you for.

If you read my 1st article on this blog “Little Precious Moments” you would see how I confused myself by considering being Rich as my End goal where in, my actual ultimate desire was to be Happy by doing stuff that mattered to me and things that I loved. Having lot of money and being rich was a mean goal.

This concept can also be applied to simpler stuff in life, for example going to Goa for a vacation during New Year can be my End Goal. Deciding the date on which I travel, make bookings, and taking the actual journey, on the other hand, would be my mean goals.

This concept if applied correctly can provide you a lot of guidance and make your life simple and more goals specific. It may be difficult initially but once you get a hang of it, nothing can stop you.


Having battled low self esteem and depression for sometime, I decided to pen down every thing I learnt in my quest for happiness. This blog is about being you, living to the fullest and staying happy.

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