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Little Precious Moments

adventure-2679504_1920“The little things? The little moments? They aren’t little.”

                                   – Jon Kabat-Zinn

                             We all have ambitions and dreams. We set a few things as our goals to be achieved. We set our emotions and expectations with those goals and begin to work towards them and start taking steps necessary towards achieving them. Often times we do so much to achieve those goals that we set high expectations for them. Then comes the time of result. Sometimes we meet our goals sometimes we don’t. When we don’t meet the goals we set for our selves, we fall in the mode of sadness.

                           Same was the case with me. As I grew up, I had a lot of dreams, ambitions, and goals. I wanted to become a Singer, I wanted to be Fit and look like a model, and I wanted people to love me, and a lot more.  Considering my family did not have much financially when I was growing up, I always wanted to live a life of a rich person. A Rich person who has everything he wants, Who does not have to think twice before doing or purchasing something. A rich person who can just throw in his cards when ever he goes somewhere. So what I actually wanted, was to be the spoiled Ranbir Kapoor from the Movie “Wake up Sid”. That was my ultimate goal.

                          I started taking steps towards achieving my goals. After completing my HSC, I started working for a call center.  And that was it. All my dreams came true. 🙂  It was that easy. Really? NAAAAAA! At the call center, I was working a graveyard shift working during the night and sleeping during the day. My diet and fitness went for a toss. Slowly my dream of becoming a Singer also went into the trash can. As my experience grew over the years, my salary increased to a fairly decent amount. So now you may think finally I was able to live the life that I wanted. Isn’t It? NAAAAAAA! With Increased salary, came additional responsibilities and their own set of problems. I began to work extra hours, resulting in even more weight gain, the additional set of responsibilities also brought in the tension, resulting in me being worried most of the time and getting cranky for no apparent reason.

                          But I am earning enough money to pamper my self you say? Well! the truth is how much ever more you earn, it would never be enough if you do not know how to manage it. I did everything I could with the money, ate out, Went clubbing, Got latest cell phones, laptops, other gadgets and much more. I thought at least this should make me happy But I wasn’t. I turned into a grumpy looking fat guy with extremely low self-esteem. Eventually, even money gave up on me as I used my credit cards so much that my monthly payments barely made any difference to the total amount that was due. What happened to my Singing you ask? It was still in the same trash can I threw it in.

                         Then one day when my Mom felt sick, I was applying Balm on her forehead. All of a sudden my attention went on to her wrinkles. A rush of emotions ran through my mind. I saw how fast she’s getting old. I realised I was chasing the wrong train. I was chasing Money, which is never enough while compromising and missing out the most important moments of my life. Few moments like spending some good time with my family, especially with my mom, Being there for my niece and sisters when they needed me, Spending some quality time with my true friends, Singing was so dear to me as a child, I shouldn’t have left it just like that.

                              Now I know it. My ultimate goal in life is not Money but Being Happy, Living those tiny little moments that form a vast portion of life, Following my passion which was extremely dear to me Happiness is not money but helping others and being there when someone needs you. So don’t forget to follow your dreams, Spend quality time with your friends and family, support each other in tough times. At times it may be difficult but perseverance is key. Never let go of these tiny precious moments in life. Treasure them, Cherish them and live to the fullest.


Having battled low self esteem and depression for sometime, I decided to pen down every thing I learnt in my quest for happiness. This blog is about being you, living to the fullest and staying happy.

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